Welcome to the LUSAS version 16 microsite

Celebrating 35 years in infrastructure

LUSAS is currently celebrating 35 years of helping its clients to analyse, design and assess all types of infrastructure projects.

Version 16

The release of LUSAS version 16 marks a new era and sees the addition of optional comprehensive design tools for steelwork and a host of other new features and enhancements that simplify and improve general usability, and make collaboration between design teams easier.

  • Improve your efficiency and reduce errors when generating models and extracting results.
  • Streamline the interface with structure categorisation. Remove the non-essential and concentrate on production. 
  • Efficiently apply LUSAS to the simplest as well as the more complex structures for which it is renowned. Bring your teams together in one system and simplify sharing.
  • Explore the behaviour of your structures and present them to others in an improved interface, including perspective views and clearer labelling. 
  • Produce repeatable output and documentation with greater control. Reissue quickly and automatically after model editing or project revision. 

  • Meet the growing demands of the industry and your clients by delivering projects to BIM level 2.
  • Extend your workflow more easily from LUSAS. Link to other systems and databases that support the IFC format and both architectural and structural domains. 
  • Overlay data in BIM viewers for comparison and clash detection of federated models.
  • Allow team members to work in parallel on different parts of a structure for faster delivery. Then merge models in LUSAS when convenient.
  • Issue documents to higher standards with new reporting tools. Deliver in PDF format, the documentation standard for BIM.

  • Extend your LUSAS workflow from analysis into detailed design. 
  • Use a steel designer that is much more than a summary checker. Calculations are transparent, revealing every step, every clause reference, and every formula.
  • Extend the application of the RC slab designer to almost any surface structure including walls, pre-stress slabs, leaf piers, circular tanks and tunnels.
  • Automate the building of load combinations to a broad range of codes.
  • Identify the worst traffic load patterns for new and existing bridges with the LUSAS vehicle load optimiser. Cover even more codes of practice from across the globe.
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